The best place to visit in Asunción, Paraguay. Carmelitas

Visit Asunción Paraguay: Well this is a small shopping center here in the Asunción area of ​​Carmelitas and is a kind of nightlife center in the area.

Paseo Carmelitas is the entertainment and gastronomy center of the country, which connects a wide variety of nightlife and gastronomic venues in the most exclusive area of Asunción

It is a complete complex, there are restaurants and different bars to eat, so now it is half the day, but at night every time the place is full of traffic.

Visit Asunción Paraguay Carmelitas Center
Visit Asunción Paraguay Carmelitas Center

You can see the TGI Friday’s there and take a little walk along the Paseo so you can see how it is, curiously, I just received the security officer. to ask me what I am doing and I explained that I am walking making a video to publish on YouTube.

So anyway here is Kilkenny pub is a very popular place like an Irish pub created and as you can across the street there are shops and a Jaguar dealership there.

A nice pasta place in the area and as I said now, it is dead during the day, but this whole area is exploding at night for pure fun.

Visit Asunción Paraguay and enjoying the night

Visit Asunción Paraguay Carmelitas Center interior

Here at night people go out to relax with friends having a beer after a hard day at work.

I’m not going to walk all the way, just take a look at what’s right, so I’m still around Carmelitas Promenade.

I am just showing enjoying the place, look at the neighborhood here, a nice quiet residential area, some of the most expensive rentals and the most beautiful houses that are not in this area specifically placed here.

Then you will basically find them in Villa Mora or Carmelita or it is not an expensive proposal but it is one of the best areas of assumption to have a good time.

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